Research shows that employees with masters degrees, in general, make more than those who just high school diplomas.
Here is a list of the top five highest-paying masters degrees that feature the highest paying careers alongside the possible salary and projected job growth.

Masters degree in finance.

Many companies require employees who know how to effectively navigate budgets, financial, and accounting processes. Some of the highest-paying jobs for the masters in finance graduates are:

Financial planner:  The average salary is around $88,890 a year. Projected by 2026 is 15% Financial planners or advisors manage client’s finances, like investments, insurance, mortgages, different kinds of savings, and taxes.

They may work independently (self-employed) or for an organization within the finance or insurance industry. To become a certified financial planner, you need to complete a Certified Financial Planner exam.

The financial manager’s: average salary for a financial manager is around $126,990 per year; protected grows by 2026 is 19%.

Financial managers often hold an advanced degree in economics, business administration, or finance and have at least five years of relevant experience. Financial managers are responsible for the financial well-being of a company.
They create financial reports, manage investments, and develop strategies for the long term financial goals of the organization.

Financial managers are usually work in banking and insurance companies and have previous experience
as an auditor, accountant, or financial analyst.

Actuary: Average salary: $102,880/year. Projected Growth (by 2026): 22% Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty.

They use sophisticated software programs, which compare statistics and forecast profitability, as well as mathematic methods that help businesses to minimize the cost of the risk. To become an actuary, you will need to pass a series of exams to become a certified professional.

Most actuaries work for insurance companies where they evaluate a variety of insurance products and calculate the cost of new emerging risks to reduce the negative financial impact of such risks, and some actuaries work independently as consultants for the clients.

Masters of Business Administration.

Another example of the highest paying masters degrees is MBA. A Master of Business Administration, the general management degree designed to educate students in such areas as Finances, Human Resources, Marketing, Strategy, and Operational management.

The average salary for the MBA graduates is around $100,000 per year, making the pursuit of an MBA a major choice for those looking to advance in career.

The highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates may include:

Marketing manager: The average salary for a marketing manager is around $132,620 per year.

Marketing managers develop programs to generate interest in companies’ products and services in addition to sales promotion marketing management covers product development and design, branding product
management, and new media platforms.

To become a Marketing Manager, you would usually need to have work experience in advertising, marketing promotions, or sales.

Many managers have previous experience as sales representatives, buyers, purchasing agents, or public
relations specialists. Many of these workers are employed in advertising agencies or incorporate or regional managing offices.

Sales Manager: The average salary of a Sales Manager is around $124,220 a year. Sales managers direct sales teams, set sales goals, analyze data, and develop training programs for organizations’ sales representatives.

Most high-level Sales Managers graduate from an MBA program with a concentration in marketing. Many Sales Managers have previous work experience as a sales representative.

Sales Managers often are required to travel as a part of their job responsibilities.

Master of Science in petroleum engineering.

A Master of Science in petroleum engineering is usually chosen by students who would like to impact the future of global energy.

This degree includes courses in the areas of geology, geophysics, rock mechanics, reservoir engineering, process technology, and natural sciences.

The highest-paying jobs for Master of Petroleum Engineering graduates are:

Petroleum Engineer. The average salary of Petroleum Engineer is around $137,170 per year, with the projected Growth by 2026 of 18%.

Petroleum engineers develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the Earth’s surface as
well as find new ways to extract oil and gas from other wells. They usually work in offices or at drilling and well sites.

Petroleum engineers often travel, as they are required to visit well sites and meet with other oilfield workers.

Master of Science in computer science.

Master of Science in computer science is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in computer science.

The program combines both computer and important application domains, enabling you to increase or improve your knowledge in the field while focusing on one curricular consideration from a range of options including artificial intelligence, graphics, software engineering, database management, networks, programming languages, and security.

One of the most lucrative careers for the Master of Science in Computer Science graduates is:

Software Developer: The average salary for a Software Developer is around $105.590 per year, with a projected growth by 2026 of 24%.

Software Developers have strong computer programming skills; they use various source debuggers and visual development environments to modify, write, and debug software for client applications.

They also document and test client software and write code to create applications that work independently or improve access to servers and services.

Software Developers typically work in office settings for companies that deal with computer systems design and related services, manufacturing, or for software publishers.

Master of Science in Nursing

Nursing is a rewarding career. Earning an MSN degree can give you a significant pay bump right out of the gate. Associate Degree in Nursing holders earned an average of $68,000 per year, while nurses with a Bachelor’s degree, I take home around $82,000 annually.

MSN holders earn considerably more — on average, $93,000 annually.
The list of the highest paying jobs for Masters of Science in Nursing graduates includes:

General Nurse Practitioner: The average salary for General Nurse Practitioner is around $113,930 per year, with a projected growth by 2026 of 31%.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are a type of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who has specialized education and clinical training that allows them to provide a higher level of care and perform tasks that Registered Nurses are not licensed to do.

Nurse practitioners often focus on specific areas like: pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, or adult medicine. They may complete an advanced degree program that allows them to practice independently and take on a role similar to a doctor.

They must also be licensed in their state and pass a national certification exam.

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Nurse Anesthetist: The average salary of the Nurse Anesthetist is around $157,000 per year, with the projected Growth by 2026 of 31%.

Nurse Anesthetists work in collaboration with surgeons, dentists, and other professionals to ensure the safe administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia is administered to patients who are undergoing surgeries or other potentially painful procedures to numb pain.

Nurse Anesthetists must also be licensed in their state and pass a national certification exam.

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